We make apps for passion. We love the challenge of making something useful, nice, simple to use. We love the platform and the experience of marketing the apps to the wider possible audience. We also love making money out of it and being able to have a sustainable business based on these apps.

We’ve been testing the most common monetisation techniques. There’s no silver bullet, but we think we’re now using the correct path. Check the options on this infographic:

The key aspect here is aligning goals: the developer should receive money when his work makes the user experience better. We found subscriptions to be the best at this. They are reliable, stable, consistent and allow the user to test the app for free. They make our lives easier too so that we can focus on making nice apps and serving our users and that translates directly into revenues.

There’s still a lot we must learn about this topic. We’re collecting feedback on our monetisation from our users. The main issue is the perceived value of the apps, the free trial experience and the pricing itself. There’s so much to learn and our user responses will be so valuable! We can’t wait to see what feedback will they provide!

If you want to contribute, please consider partecipating to the survey. And feel free to comment on this page too! Thank you for reading.

One thought on “Apps and money

  1. Can’t wait for Blast on May 22nd! Already a fan! Also a fan of Lickability apps—Accelerator & Quotebook. Yours look even better!

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