Discover a new way of reading. Faster and smarter.

Blast leverages the screen of your device in the best possible way. We implemented it leveraging existing scientific research.

Instead of fitting a long text in a small screen, we present it in a dynamic way. It’s a technique called RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation). If you need to see the text in a traditional way, Blast supports that too. And you’ll always be able to see the original article inside the app.

How it works

Import any article you want to read from the share menu in Safari, the Files app or any other app. Select Blast as the destination.
Open Blast to see the list of your pending readings. You can use it to keep track of what you want to read later or to manage you bookmarks. The power of Blast is the smart RSVP reader though. Open an article and you’ll see its text in a traditional way. Press the focus button and hold it to start the RSVP presentation. You’ll be able to read with much less effort, without the need of scrolling and at your own pace.

Blast is flexible

Read at your favourite pace, in the most comfortable way. Slow it down to help you focus on each word, which may help with dyslexia.
Configure Blast to be relaxing to your eyes. Give it a personal look and configure any detail of how it presents text.

What are you waiting for? Start reading in a smarter way!