Hello! I’m glad you’re here, thank you for caring about my work.

Here’s the status of each of my apps and the progress on what I’m currently working on. Please remember: I’m an indie developer and things may easily change; even a simple cold can delay my work. Any deadlines and plans are just indicative and I cannot promise I’ll hit every deadline.

July 17 2021

Still working on the Journaling app. Released 2 new updates including multiple fixes, performance improvements and additional features like setting pictures quality and custom diary colours. Next in line is sync and manual import and export of your diary.

June 18 2021

I’m focusing on a new update for the Journaling app, including more settings to customise the diary, sync, manual backups and more. It may take a while to be ready.
Last week we released an update to fix some issues with date selection and old diary entries.

May 21 2021

We have an update for Widgets++: version 2.0.1 includes some bugfixes and a new set of screenshots for the App Store. Moving on, I’ll start development for a big update on our Journaling app that will include many goodies you’ve been asking for!

May 14 2021

Widgets++ 2.0 has been released. Check it out in the App Store! I’m now preparing a new update with some bug fixes.

January 23 2021

I’m working on a huge update to Widgets++. It will include many new layer types, like analog clocks, calendars, weather, decorations and more. I’m planning to run some beta testing for this. If you’re interested, please fill this form!

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