There are so many important days in our lives, some personal (birthday, a special reminder), some shared with a special one (wedding, anniversary) and others shared with a whole community (Christmas, a special party or… I guess also black friday ?)!

It’s nice to see how many days we still need to wait for those events, keep it always at hand, be reminded as we approach and sometimes also share the joy with the world!

That’s why we created “Countdown to an event”! You can craft your very own live countdown, with a huge selection of wallpapers and decorations. You can also use your own photos to make it really personal and customised. When you’re done unleashing your creativity, you can always see your countdown timer in one second, either through the app or with the widget!

Last, but absolutely not least, you can create a live website with a countdown and the very same style, so that you can share it with everybody! And we really mean everybody, not only the lucky ones that own an iPhone! All smartphones are supported and also laptops and any device really able to open a webpage, isn’t that nice? More joy to everybody!