Making apps you'll love

Simple apps with clear goals

We aim at providing clean and simple experiences, worth paying for, with amazing content and extremely polished implementation. Our apps are simple and focused. They solve one core problem in the best way instead of introducing tons of irrelevant and complicated features.

Polished producs
Try them out

We always offer some free trial funcionality, either as a free of charge period in any of our subscriptions or with some limited version of the app. Sometimes even both, because we love to have users using our products!

Top class support

We accept some responsibility when providing to you our products. Thereby we're committed to provide also the best customer support we can. That's our way to show you we care a lot about our users.

We love feedback

Please get in contact if you want to know more. Check our apps or drop us an email. That's especially important if you want to propose some new features or have some suggestions, so don't be shy.