Welcome, data enthusiasts and number nerds!

We’re thrilled to have you join our app’s exclusive “Statistical Shenanigans” page. Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride through data-driven amusement park!


You can filter the stats page to include just some habits or a specific period in time. All charts will update to consider your filters.

Oldest and newest habit

This section reports the day you started your first tracked habit and the day you started the last one.

Overall Stats

This section includes simple stats for all the selected habits in the selected period:

  • Habits completed: the total number of completions in the period for all the habits.
  • Perfect days: number of days in which all of the selected habits where completed or not due.
  • Success rate: The average rate of completion for all habits in the period. It is the sum of all the completions.
  • Longest streak: the longest chain of perfect days in which you completed all selected habits.

Activity Map

This map shows all the days since you started using the app. Each cell is one day. A full column is a full week and months and years are reported at the top. You can scroll the map horizontally.

Each day cell has a color which is darker when completions are higher, lighter if the completion rate is low and gray if there’s no completion at all.

Weekly performance

This graph shows the weekly success rate for all the active habits and is zoomed to the period selected. The weekly success rate is calculated as the normal success rate but limited to one week at a time. Results are then plotted in the chart to highlight when you performed the best and worst.

Weekly completions

This table shows completions for all the selected habits during a full week. You can change the week with the arrows at the top. When filtering for a specific period, the last week of the period gets shown automatically.

There’s also a home screen widget for this visualization, check it out!

Best weekday

This chart shows the percentage of completions per day for all the selected habits, the sums it by weekday to show you the weekdays in which you did best/worst.

Best Month

Similarly to the best weekday chart, this one just aggregates completions on a month of the year basis.

Monthly Completions

This table shows all the completions for all the selected habits on a full month. You can change month with the arrows at the top. Each cell is a day and shows the completion percentage: the higher it is the darker the color. Grey is for not due days or days where no completions at all where done.

Habits consistency

Shows the success rate in the period and the total mastery level for each of your habits. Mastery levels are not updated when changing the period, since they only make sense as a total metric.