UpRead - Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, thank you for using the app. I’ve collected here a few frequent questions about the app that may help you. Here we go!

I have trouble importing content

The best place to start is the import troubleshooting page. There you can find solutions for common issues and a form to report bugs.

How does UpRead work?

We use a technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation that allows anybody to read faster with little or no training. For more info, have a look at the scientific research we based UpRead on.

Are ebooks supported?

UpRead supports any .txt and .pdf file as long as they contain digital text (not images of text).
If you your book has a different file format, I recommend using Calibre to convert it. It's free 🙂
Please note that UpRead may have a hard time processing very big files. You may want to break up your book in chapters before importing. That's a known limitation I hope to get fixed in a future release.

Some common questions to all my apps

How can I manage my subscription?

Open the App Store app, tap your profile image and select "Suscriptions". You can also use this link to access that page.

If the app doesn't appear there, you're not subscribed to it!
If you made a purchase by mistake, please see the official Apple documentation to ask for a refund.

Can I purchase the app forever?

You can purchase most of my apps forever. To do that, go tho the settings section, then "Manage my subscription" and follow the instructions.

I have a feature idea...

I love that! I really appreciate your feedback, your ideas and your bug reports. They help me create better apps 🙂
Please, fill this short form.

What's the status of...

This Telegram channel is the place where I post project updates, collect user feedback and occasionally share discounts or interesting stuff. Would love to have you onboard!
If you'd rather join a mailing list, please let me know and I'll create one.

Not found what you needed?

If you still need help, you can send me an email.
I answer requests personally, most of the times within a week.